Monday, March 25, 2013

Shades of Everything

Hey guys,

Andrea here.  This spring that is turning out to be more like winter has got me feeling a little gloomy.   It is on this note that I wanted to share with you one of my cures for the winter blues... COLOR.

I am obsessed with color.  I love color-blocking and wearing bright, bold colors.  I love how color (or a combination of colors) can set a mood and make a statement.  I am the girl that could stand in a hardware store looking at all the paint chips and agonize over which shade of blue to paint my accent wall for a good hour.  Yes, I'm a dweeb.  I'm well aware.

If you love color, or maybe even if you don't and you need some color inspiration for redoing a room in your home or an upcoming wedding/other event, meet (and follow!) one of my favorite blogs:

Color Collective

This blogger pulls color inspiration from everywhere - fashion, artists, photography, graphic design - and keeps it sweet and simple.  I've copied a few of my favorite color combinations from her page below - and these are just the beginning.  Enjoy, dear ones!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Where to Shop - Francesca's

Yesterday morning Kriste and Andrea strolled down to their local Francesca's in Harrisburg along with two other girlfriends for a little girl's morning out. Andrea suggested the shop since Kriste had never been before, and both girls were pleasantly surprised by a spring dress sale. With every dress in the store priced at $35.99 (sale runs through 3/25!), the girls couldn't resist trying on some of the fresh colors.  They have a wide selection of the kind of dresses you can dress up for an event or dress down with tights and a cardigan for everyday wear.  If you've never been you've got to check it out - closest ones to here are at the Susquehanna Shoppes in Colonial Park and the Park City Mall in Lancaster.

Quick Outfit of the Day-
Andrea- shoes: Payless clearance: $5, leggings: Ann Taylor Loft $15, scarf- gift, hat: Francesca's $15, tunic: Old Navy $20, bag: Ross $30
Kriste- shoes: Buffalo Exchange Philly $32, dress- thrifted from The Common Sort : $14, belt: Buffalo Exchange DC $4, sweater: eBay (Anthropologie), $20,  purse: eBay/Holding Horses: $80 (originally $278 from Anthro)

The lovely bright, vivid colors from the spring line!

Peaches and pinks 

Full floor view

Corn flower, mint, cream

Two lovely finds for a special night or dressed down day

A little bit of the literal animal print trend

Dressing is down for daytime

We saw lots of bib necklaces in pretty pastels- a perfect meeting of strong statement with feminine colors

Treasures for all

Coral, aquamarine and royal blue 

If you'd like to see some more of Francesca's, check out this video from last season's fashion shoot and check out their website  

See you all soon!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Time to Begin

Well hey.

We are Kriste and Andrea, and we are finally starting a blog  - the creative outlet that we've been pining over for years.

Sherwood Hollow plays off of the theme of Robin Hood and how he robbed the rich to feed the poor.  Not that we are trying to rob anyone, but we believe that you can be a twenty-something with college loans and a modest income and still lead a stylish life. 

Style isn't just for the privileged - whatever your personal style may be, it is about finding beauty in the simple things, making something that you can't afford to buy, remixing, borrowing, thrifting, consigning, and salvaging.  Most things cost something - if it's not money, it's time.  That's where we come in.  We are two girls with two unique styles, and we are here to show you how to spend less money on beautiful things and we will save you time by hunting for you.  Hopefully we'll learn as much from you as you from us. 

This blog is meant to be our creative outlet, and we are going to post a mixed bag of everything fashion and lifestyle.  Because we live in and love Harrisburg, PA, we will also share some of the places that are hidden gems in our area for style on a budget. 

We would love your ideas and feedback as we start this project - you can find us here, as well as on pinterest and instagram. 

Dress: Salvation Army $4  Shawl: Anthropologie sale $35
Shoes: Thrifted-Community Aid $3

Scarf: Gift from Ecuador $1

  Ring: The Little Silver Shoppe, CT $32
Boots: Payless $15  Tights: Forever 21 $8

Skirt: Zara on sale $15  Necklace: Gift

Sweater: Mommalicious  $30  Ring: Forever 21 $5