Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tulle Skirt DIY

Hey friends!

       This year I repeatedly saw tulle skirts on the blogosphere, and it was love at first sight.  Ever since childhood I have been a sucker for a floofy skirt, and clearly not much has changed.  They take a little guts to wear, but they are so fun and feminine. 

I searched online and my favorite by far was the Karinska skirt by Anthropologie (which is sold out anyway).  Like most things that wondrous brand produces, it was far out of my price range - $188.  I wouldn't pay that for a classic everyday piece let alone a statement piece that can't be worn very often.

I found a DIY thanks to Blue Hour DIY and Bowties & Baubles and bought some off-white tulle and ribbon at Wally World for less than $10 altogether. Then I found a pale khaki skirt with an A-line shape at goodwill for $4 so I didnt have to bother with the under layer or zipper.  I called upon an expert sewer (who prefers to remain anonymous) to stitch the tulle and ribbon onto the thrifted skirt.  I can barely replace a lost button so this was out of my DIY league.

It wasn't easy to cut or stitch tulle - it gave us a run for our money and turned into a 4-5 hour project when all was said and done.  If you can sew and have some time, it's a steal.

This month I will show you 3 ways to style this trendy piece and here is the first - a ladylike muted combination perfect for a get-together with friends, dinner out or sight-seeing in a new city!  I would say it's work appropriate but I work with mostly men in trucking and I know this outfit will not be worth being the butt of their jokes on Monday! : ) If I worked as a fashion editor might be a different story...haha.

Here I am frolicking like a dummy in our backyard aka Italian Lake - which is gorgeous in spring with everything coming alive.

Shoes - H&M

Clutch - Forever 21

Top - Thrifted from Goodwill

Cardigan - Thrifted from Goodwill

Earrings - Thrifted from Goodwill

Skirt underlayer - Thrifted from Goodwill
 (are you sensing a theme here?)

Love you all and have a great start to the week!

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Hello dearest ones,

Spring just can't quite bring warmth and sun yet but I am hoping for a lovely second half of April!  I was inspired to wear this grey thrifted dress today because of the weather.  This shape is great for work OR play.  It cost so little but makes you feel like a million bucks. 

Today I experimented with a daytime smokey eye using the Benefit Smokin' Eyes pallet which I received as a gift a while back.  

Lipstick - Fergie in "Daily"
Blush - Tarte in "Flush" (loove cheek stains!)
Eyeliner - Maybelline in "Charcoal"

Dress - Salvation Army
Shoes - Madden Girl at DSW
Clutch - Forever 21
Belt - Target

Enjoy your day and try to go have some fun this weekend!


Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Top - Urban Outfitters
Skirt - Charlotte Russe
Shoes - Prabal Gurung for Target
Bag - Francesca's (currently having a great spring sale on handbags!)
Jewelry - Forever 21

Show Your Stripes

Blouse - Francesca's (on clearance!)
Trousers - Urban Outfitters $10
Belt - Target
Watch - Sears
Sunnies - Forever21

Monday, March 24, 2014

March Forth

*sigh* It's Monday!

Yesterday was a wonderful Sunday as Paul and I got to see our dear friend Lindsay at one of my favorite brunch spots, the Tomato Pie Cafe.  That cafe is filled with hipsters and the waitresses are always dressed cuter than I am, it cracks me up.  Their food is wonderful and I highly recommend the "Black and Tan" coffee which is a latte with mocha and caramel - it's worth writing home about.

If you don't have a multi-strand of pearls I suggest you invest in one.  They really add to almost any outfit and they don't trend out.

I buy tights in the ugliest colors imaginable don't ask me why!

Favorite mug - thrifted for $1!  Too cute.

Also I am excited to share that my husband and I purchased a second-hand piano yesteday.  It is a beautiful yamaha spinet and I can't wait to have an acoustic at home.  I have played for most of my life and it is one of my greatest joys. 

We still have to coordinate the transportation - but here it is! 

Have a great start to the week everyone!


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Makeup Bag

Hey loveys,

I'm no expert when it comes to makeup but I sure do love it.  I have been into full-face makeup since my mom would let me (I remember begging her to blush my cheeks for photos in Kindergarten) and not much has changed.

Here is a look at some of my daily basics for spring:

(Clockwise from top left)
 - L'oreal True Match Lumi foundation in N3 
- Benefit Watt's up sheer highlighter 
- Benefit Hoola bronzer (no shimmer)
- Maybelline mascara in "glam black"
- Rimmel Scandal Eyes liquid waterproof eyeliner 
- Rimmel eyebrow pencil in dark brown 
- Mary Kay blush/bronzer duo in "island spice"
- Mary Kay eyeshadow in "lucky penny"
- Gap SPF 15 lip balm in mango pear
- Mac lip sheen in "gotta dash"
(makeup bag from Forever 21)

Here is the final look - natural and sunkissed for sunny laid-back saturdays 

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Lots of love, 

Spring has Sprung

Well hi!

After this horrific winter, spring brings a beautiful sense of relief and relaxation.  (Hopefully) no more shovelling and scraping.  We have a huge magnolia tree in our backyard and I can already see those buds beginning to form.  I love it all.  

Here is one of my favorite dresses from Zara.  I really miss having this store close-by.  When I lived in Greece I could walk there from work, and now the closest location is in Philly.  I don't like shopping Zara online - some stores are just like that.  The stores themselves have fantastic sales that bring their higher-end pricing down to reason.  Next time you see one in a larger city, stop in! 

Shoes from Seychelles at DSW - on sale for $15! Seychelles is a great brand of shoes, you MUST check out their footwear.

The Mr. ran into the room and "wanted to get in one" haha love this crazy goon!

Have a great day friends,


Saturday, February 15, 2014


It's finally the weekend and I couldn't be more grateful.  I work in logistics so the recent "snowpocalypse" has not made my job very easy.  Time to have some fun and enjoy some Valentine's activities with my love.

Blouse - Nostalgia, a vintage boutique in Lemoyne PA
Skirt - Forever21
Shoes - Thrifted

Nails from VS - "Tell Me More"

Clip-on earrings from Grandma's collection

Hair dye - Streekers at ULTA  ($12 for a box that could do my ombre 2x)

Then i ventured outside.. that was a little treacherous.

Enjoy your Saturdays lovies,


Thursday, January 30, 2014


Evening, friends!

Today I did some traveling for work, and on these days I like to get a little spiffed up.  Normally clients don't come in and out of our office, but on occasion we go to them.  Today was the first business review that I have done in person, and it went pretty well.  My job is most fulfilling when I am spending time with my customers.  

This blazer was in style, went out of style, and came back in style.  This is not good for my fashion hoarding tendencies.  It's funny how you buy something in high school and 8 years later it works again.  Fashion is unpredictable, that's for sure.

Suitcase - Nostalgia in Lemoyne PA
Shoes - Charlotte Russe
Blazer - Charlotte Russe
Dress - Antique Marketplace of Lemoyne
Belt - Thrifted from Goodwill
Pearls - Gifted
Gloves - Target

January Mint

Well hey there, 

I love me a good thrifted sweater and this sweater was no exception.  Sure, I had to rip out some shoulder pads.  Minor details.

If you are ever feeling like an outfit isn't coming together, I recommend a head scarf.  They are cheap, and almost any scarf goes with almost any outfit.  It really is hard to go wrong in this department.

Sweater - Goodwill
Jeans - The Limited
Shoes - Urban Outfitters Clearance
Scarf - H&M
Glasses - Urban Outfitters
Bracelet - Thrifted

xoxo, Andrea

Monday, January 27, 2014

Vintage and Antiques

Hi readers, 

This weekend I wanted to do some exploration in my own backyard.  Usually I go to Lancaster PA for Vintage shopping and I decided to do some research and try a few places in Lemoyne PA which is right across the river from Harrisburg.  

First my sister and I hopped into Nostalgia, a vintage shop that just opened two weeks ago.  Owned by a lovely person named Steph, the store atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.  Steph was in the catering business for many years but suffered an injury that prevented her from working in that industry.  Her partner's mother was an expert on antiques and got her into vintage, taking her to estate sales and auctions and teaching her how to hunt for treasures.  When the storefront became available, she decided to take the plunge, and she is so glad she did.  She has a facebook page here where you can see items in stock and get more info.  Nostalgia carries a lot of great jewelry and houseware, and some unique vintage clothing and hats.  

I brought the bottom piece of luggage home!

Loved the ventriloquist dummy

Next, my sister and I ducked into the Antique Marketplace in Lemoyne, right beside the PA Fabric Outlet (which is yet another gem of this town)

The place looks small from the outside, and we were shocked to see their extensive rows and rows of affordable vintage and antique pieces! Dealers have their own "booths" that specialize in different types of items and different decades.  The store employees are incredibly friendly and periodically ask if they can take the merchandise in your hands to an assigned bin at the front.  This allows you to have your hands free for digging through treasures.  From washboards to mason jars to hutches and old chandeliers, you can find anything your heart desires. 

How neat is this old stove?

Lovely booths full of goodies!

I absolutely reccommend that you check out these spots and find some one-of-a-kind pieces for yourself soon. Stay tuned for some more great spots in the Harrisburg area!

xoxo, Andrea