Monday, March 25, 2013

Shades of Everything

Hey guys,

Andrea here.  This spring that is turning out to be more like winter has got me feeling a little gloomy.   It is on this note that I wanted to share with you one of my cures for the winter blues... COLOR.

I am obsessed with color.  I love color-blocking and wearing bright, bold colors.  I love how color (or a combination of colors) can set a mood and make a statement.  I am the girl that could stand in a hardware store looking at all the paint chips and agonize over which shade of blue to paint my accent wall for a good hour.  Yes, I'm a dweeb.  I'm well aware.

If you love color, or maybe even if you don't and you need some color inspiration for redoing a room in your home or an upcoming wedding/other event, meet (and follow!) one of my favorite blogs:

Color Collective

This blogger pulls color inspiration from everywhere - fashion, artists, photography, graphic design - and keeps it sweet and simple.  I've copied a few of my favorite color combinations from her page below - and these are just the beginning.  Enjoy, dear ones!

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