Thursday, June 13, 2013

Love and Lace

Hello, Dear ones! 

It's (FINALLY) Kriste and I am SO excited to be back with you all. As you may (or may not) know, right as we began to visit the Hollow, I changed relationship status from "girlfriend" to "fiance"! Along with the excitement of the news, inevitably came the time consuming task of planning a wedding in a mere few months. I am so incredibly blessed to have my cohort, Andrea, who has kept things moving while I have been running around picking table linens, tasting food, searching for treasures and trying to balance a normal life. 

With all of these wedding plans buzzing through my brain, I can't help but translate a lot of the themes from my big day into my everyday wardrobe. As most everything will be either vintage or hand made, my love of all things old has swept me away. The underlying theme of the day will be burlap and lace- which has morphed into many scraps of lace, doilies and eyelet scattered throughout my apartment. While on Pinterest the other day, I noticed that these lovelies have also been trending in on the fashion world, especially for summer, which had me overjoyed. While I have a few pieces in my own wardrobe, these had me drooling for the comfort of soft knits and delicate stitches. 

Until next time- which I promise will be much sooner than my last sabbatical!  

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