Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring has Sprung

Well hi!

After this horrific winter, spring brings a beautiful sense of relief and relaxation.  (Hopefully) no more shovelling and scraping.  We have a huge magnolia tree in our backyard and I can already see those buds beginning to form.  I love it all.  

Here is one of my favorite dresses from Zara.  I really miss having this store close-by.  When I lived in Greece I could walk there from work, and now the closest location is in Philly.  I don't like shopping Zara online - some stores are just like that.  The stores themselves have fantastic sales that bring their higher-end pricing down to reason.  Next time you see one in a larger city, stop in! 

Shoes from Seychelles at DSW - on sale for $15! Seychelles is a great brand of shoes, you MUST check out their footwear.

The Mr. ran into the room and "wanted to get in one" haha love this crazy goon!

Have a great day friends,


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