Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hanging on the Clothesvine

Hello Lovelies!
What a wonderful weekend it has been. After a long week of work I (Kriste) was so grateful for some fun shopping with some of my favorite ladies on Saturday. 
Our wanderings brought us into Carlisle where we stopped to look for a dress for one of my bridesmaids. Upon entering the Clothesvine , I was immediately swept away by it's delightful charm. From the extremely sweet and helpful store staff to the beautiful colors and textures of product throughout the store, the Clothesvine brought my weary soul to a place of immediate solace. My absolute favorite part was the creativity in each of their displays. It is so evident that no shelf, hanger, table goes without special thought. 
I found the clothing to be trendy with a vintage flair. I could easily picture some of the pieces in an Anthropologie or Madewell catalog. While a regular price dress or sweater may run you $60-$80, there is a special treat in the back room where most clothes have been discounted at 50%! Which for the quality of each unique piece, we definitely spotted some steals! Whether you're sticking to the budget and want to check out the sale or are in search of a special occasion piece, I would encourage you all to go and check out the Clothesvine! It is definitely on my list of favorite local boutiques!
I'll let you all drink in some of the wonder for yourselves. 

Looked up and found this glory hovering over the dressing room 
Sweet wee little chair in the dressing room- perfect for a purse or coat rest
Gorgeous repurpose- old ladder turned into belt rest. 
One of my favorite parts of small boutiques are treasures like this. Small pooches to bring some smiles to  your face while you roam. Our friend had a special connection with this little guy! 

Sale room! (our favorite :) ) 

Another wonderful idea- screen door made earring display
How gorgeous is this little tree created to nest necklaces and bracelets?? 

 Overall, it was a very successful day! We found a dress for my bridesmaid and I was able to find a couple of sweet pieces for my own closet! Be sure to check out the Clothesvine on Facebook and stop in yourselves!

Top: Clothesvine $40, Shoes: Minnetonka (botton details added by me) from Marshalls $29, Jeans: Adriano Goldsmied $20 from Gabriel Brothers, Sunglasses $5 Five Below, Necklace (see below): $14 the Clothesvine. 

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