Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blog Love

Hi friends,

Both Kriste and I love to follow blogs.  They inspire us, they are a welcome distraction, and they serve as a great way of building community as well.  I (Andrea) wanted to take a few minutes to share with you some of my favorite blogs that I follow regularly and why you should check them out!


The Pioneer Woman - Her recipes and her spirit make you feel right at home .  I own one of her cookbooks and can't get enough of it.  She is totally a homeschool mom but she is wonder-woman, and you gotta love her for it.  My favorite recipe is her restaurant-style salsa - I make it all the time!

Seemingly Greek - like me, this American girl loves Greek food.  She lives on the Greek island of Lesvos and does a fantastic job of teaching Greek recipes because she has lived the culture for so long.  If you haven't cooked Greek food you've got to try it.

Strawberries & Tea - my friend Lacey from college started this blog and it focuses on "living healthy in a processed world".  Her recipes and guilt-free, and she inspires me to be more thoughtful about my choices.

Family Fresh Cooking - Marla has really creative food ideas - they are pretty out there, but I love her take on family meals.  Even with a family of two, it's relevant.  I highly recommend her recipe for chicken with coconut lime peanut sauce.

Interior Design:

Design*Sponge - This website is incredible.  You will find all aspects of design featured, and a collaboration of writers.  People have called it "Martha Stewart for Millenials" - couldn't have said it better myself.  Check out the home tours, they are my favorite.

Birch + Bird Vintage Home Interiors - Founded on the principles of simple living, thrifting, and design, this female team of bloggers is a breath of fresh air.  Their style has inspired my home more than anything.


*Valentine* - This French girl is my favorite person I've never met.  Her European style is cute, eclectic, and ladylike.  And she rocks bangs!

Fancy Treehouse - Coury is the queen of vintage and you will fall in love with her dog and her Nashville life.  She finds vintage clothes and sells them right from her page - genius. 

Kendi Everyday - Kendi is the ultimate girl-next-door and she is a bargain shopper.  She just recently fulfilled her dream of opening a boutique in Texas and her photographer husband takes all of her photos.  She is hilarious and you will feel like you know her within a few posts.

The Clothes Horse - Rebecca went to my college as well.  I have followed her blog faithfully for years and although her style is quite different from mine, I find that it challenges me.  She features art, poetry, and even movie reviews as well as her outfit posts.  She is an "old soul" and just lovely.

Atlantic-Pacific - Oh Blair.  This girl's style feels almost out-of-reach due to her fabulous NYC lifestyle and seemingly endless wardrobe budget.  But she still serves as an inspiration.  She does a great job with making 50's and 60's style fresh and ALWAYS looks fabulous.  I personally believe this can be done on a budget as well so I steal a lot of her ideas and make them affordable.

Sincerely Jules  - A california stylist with an eye for the unexpected.  I've gotten a lot of great ideas from here, including my Warby Parker glasses.  She dresses in a way that looks casual and effortless.

There are so many more but there are a few of my favorites for starters!  I haven't even gotten to wedding blogs yet... 

You can follow blogs like these easily from your phone with the free app "Pulse", which Kriste recently introduced me to.  It's great to be able to browse them easily over my lunch hour for some light reading.  

So tell me... what are some of your favorites?

Happy blogging, ladies! 

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