Saturday, April 20, 2013

One Good Morning


Andrea here, still glowing from a day full of glorified errands.  My mother and I "left no store unturned" in the Harrisburg area as we began gathering details for my sister's upcoming bridal shower.  Can't wait to show you pictures of the event when the time comes. 

One of the highlights of the day was our stop into my mom's favorite coffee and tea shop, One Good Woman.  Nestled on Market Street in Camp Hill, this cozy store contains all the specialty coffee and loose leaf tea that your little heart could desire.  Owner Holly O'Connor started the business by selling gourmet coffee out of the back of her Jeep in 1996.  Years later she seems all the more passionate about quality tea and coffee, evident from the way she warmly greeted us when we entered and left us with a piece of wisdom: "Never store tea and coffee together in your kitchen, ladies".   At One Good Woman you can find thoughtful gifts, kitchen gadgets, and a wall of tea worth writing home about.  Looking for a cute little teapot?  Search no further - they have a great selection.  I walked away with a freshly ground bag of Rainforest Caramel Crunch coffee.  See a few photos from our venture..

Tablefulls of coffee

Loved the honeybee kitchenware.

Wine flavored tea? How original!

Outfit of the day:  Headband - H&M, $5  Glasses - UO, $7 Sweater - TJ Maxx, $16  Jeans - Forever 21, $26  Shoes - DSW $52

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