Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sunny Side Up

It's Saturday friends!

Today I met up with some girlfriends for brunch, and ate some amazing monkey bread and eggs.  Something about brunch inspired me to wear this cardigan - one of my favorites.  If you're ever feeling down, wear yellow.  It will help, I promise.

My neighbor Steve owns a salon in Hummelstown called 128 1/2 and makes his own line of hair products.  They are incredible!

This fruity DKNY perfume is perfect for a sunny day spent with girlfriends.

We recently did some renovations to our laundry room, which was originally a garage that the previous owner turned into a finished room.  Unfortunately his version of finished meant bright orange carpets, dark wood paneling, and converting gutters into flourescent lights. We ripped the carpet and painted everything in sight white.  I have many more ideas for the room, but this cozy corner is the start of a great new space.

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