Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day and Night

Why hello there,

Andrea here, sad to say it is already Saturday night!  How do the weekends fly so fast?

Here are a few looks from this weekend, Friday and Saturday.  Now that the weather is nice I live in dresses and skirts!  They are so much more comfortable than jeans if you ask me.  Another great thing about wearing a dress is that not much thought goes into it.  No matching/layering/coordinating necessary.  Throw on and go.  You look put together and it was easy as pie.  

Dress - Marshalls, $20 Shoes - Payless, $16 Parasol - $15

Ballet flats - Gap Outlet, $10, Skirt - Forever21, $16, Shirt - Marshalls, $6, Cardigan - Forever21, $18

Earrings - Forever21, $7


  1. I used the picture with the stripped skirt this morning as my outfit inspiration as I got ready for church. It ended up being my favorite outfit I've put together in a long time... felt very 'me'. :) Really loving your blog so far! -- bonnie

  2. That's awesome Bonnie! Wish we could have seen it! That is the best feeling when you remix your wardrobe isn't it?