Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thrifting Jackpot

Hey guys,

I (Andrea) have just come back from the "trenches" of thrifting with some exciting news for the ladies (and gents) of Harrisburg, PA. 

Tonight on my way home from work I felt some inner tug to go thrifting.  It's been quite a while since I did some serious thrift shopping so I popped into Goodwill on the Carlisle Pike.  Due to the new and exciting Community Aid thrift store across the street, Goodwill hasn't been getting much love lately.  As I walked around the store I became confused - why were there so many new items in the store?  Why did I recognize most of them from Target designer lines?  (I follow @targetdoesitagain on Instagram so trust me, I know my Target) 

The more I hunted, the more I found.  Tons of brand new, never-worn items from Target.  Shoes, skirts, dresses, pants - it was crazy.  I finally asked the girl at the cashier what was going on and she said, "Oh - when all the Targets in the keystone area have clearance items that they can't sell or certain products they over-order, they donate them to us.  We get huge shipments of product from them regularly". 


It cracks me up because I loved the Pabal Gurung line, but when I made it to Target most of the items were picked over, and they weren't very cheap either because they were designer.  Goodwill of all places had dresses/shoes/skirts/shirts from this line in multiple sizes and styles.  Without a tear or mark.  At the end of the day I walked away with 7 pieces for $64.  So before stopping at Target, let it be known... when in PA, check Goodwill first. 

I'm too lazy to try all of these on for you but here are my finds:

Prabal Gurung dress - $7 (I left this one at the store but loved it!)
Merona Pants with Belt - $8
Left: Prabal Gurung dress, $8  Right: Mossimo dress, $7
Prabal Gurung tee - $5
Right - Shirt, Merona $6  Left - Shoes, Prabal Gurung $7 Leather skirt - Kirna Zabat $20
Skirt - Prabal Gurung, $5 (sorry this pic is horrible I promise I own an iron)

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