Sunday, May 19, 2013

"Pulling it Off"

Afternoon lovelies,

If you've ever watched How I Met Your Mother, you know that Ted cannot pull off red cowboy boots. 

I wear a lot of weird stuff to be honest and I am pretty fearless when it comes to style. I just wear things that are fun and that I personally like. One thing I hate to hear girls say is the following phrase: "Oh I love ______ but I could never pull it off!"

Says who?!?

Fashion is about expressing yourself so if you like something what is stopping you? I gathered a few images from bloggers I follow and pinterest that capture a couple of trends girls often seem to shy away from

Love a trend? Own it and make it yours. I challenge all of you to find some trend you've always wanted to try and finally go for it. I'm pretty positive that with a little dose of confidence you will absolutely pull it off.

Headpieces/Hair Chains (image via

Bold lipcolor (image via

Unexpected Prints (image via

Metallic Pumps (image via

Overalls (image via

Tutu Skirts (image via pinterest)

Bow Bun (image via

Hats (image via

Bold Glasses (image via pinterest)

High-Wait Bikinis (image via pinterest - Anthropologie)

Heels with Socks (image via pinterest)

Loafers (image via pinterest - JCrew)

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